Missing your plane, going for a job interview, speaking in front of a crowd … it’s a dangerous world out there, filled with uncomfortable situations that make us wish we could stay in bed all day.

And of course, because life loves irony, our body's natural reactions to anxiety — dry mouth, tics, numbness, red face, nail biting, nausea, upset stomach — make it almost impossible to overcome anxiety with grace.

But united we stand, my friends. If, like me, your superpower is turning innocuous situations into catastrophes waiting to happen, if you practice important conversations in the car/shower, or if misplacing your purse/wallet/phone is enough to send you into cardiac arrest, you might enjoy these 17 things everyone experiencing mild anxiety can relate to:

1. Reading about some fatal disease and developing all the symptoms within the next hour.

2. Seeing someone you know at the grocery store and dedicating your whole existence to avoiding them and their small talk.

3. Trying yoga to relax but stressing out because of so many other things you could be doing instead of Downward Dog.

4. Initiating plans with friends and instantly regretting it when they accept.

5. Waking up every hour of the night prior to a morning flight because of your fear of missing it.

6. Leaving the house and wondering if you locked the door, then remembering you did, but still going back just to make sure.

7. When you hear a suspicious sound in the house and you just wait in bed to be murdered.

8. Entering an elevator filled with people, or worse: entering an elevator filled with one person.

9. Going out when your phone is at 18 percent. Come on airplane mode, help a girl out.

10. When you’re meeting someone and they’re late, so you start wondering if they died in a car accident. Naturally, you text them to see if everything is OK, but then you wonder if NOW they’re dead because they looked at your text while driving.

11. Suffering from this weird condition where you have poor self-esteem but still think you’re better than everyone else.

12. Hearing the dreaded phrase: “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves...”

13. Walking by a group at the exact moment they erupt into laughter and immediately thinking there’s something wrong with you.

14. Being home but wishing you could be more social.

15. Being social but wishing you were home.

16. Not caring whether the glass is full or empty, but more about not dropping it.

17. Being so tense you’re wearing your shoulders as earrings.


OK, so the little things can get the stress going just as much as the big things, but who needs a panic room when the whole world can be your oyster? Life is too short to spend it squeezing a stress ball, so give yourself a high-five, take a deep breath, and realize everything is A-OK.