We’ve all been there: Having a bad day and that song comes on the radio. You reach over to the volume dial and turn it way up because it’s the only thing you want to hear in that moment.

Music speaks to all of us, in moments of sadness and in joy. It turns out, we’re wired to respond to music in positive ways. Some research suggests that even sad music can lift moods. And happy music does that and more. It’s been linked to better health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction. What kind of music you choose to listen to might even say something about your mental health.

So, we wanted to know: What’s your go-to song or artist when you’re not feeling your best? Here’s what some of our community members had to say about their favorites.

Please be advised that some of these songs may contain explicit material that may make some listeners uncomfortable.

Do you listen to music when you’re feeling down? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!