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Preparing Your Post-Mastectomy Wardrobe

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  • Preparing Your Post-Mastectomy Wardrobe

    Preparing Your Post-Mastectomy Wardrobe

    Planning and organizing for life after your mastectomy is important and can help put your mind at ease. Post-surgery, you’ll likely feel like you don’t have the time and energy that you normally do. Even the most mundane tasks, like getting dressed, can feel strenuous and frustrating.

    Set up your post-mastectomy wardrobe beforehand to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during recovery. Preparing a collection of functional — and fashionable — shirts, dresses, pajamas, and more is the key. Take a look through these pieces recommended by women who know how to make it through a mastectomy.

  • The Fighter T

    The Fighter T

    Why? Foundation founder Allison W. Gryphon partnered with designer Piper Gore to create this soft, stylish, and functional t-shirt. The loose fit hides post-op drains, and the front zipper means it’s perfect for doctor appointments. Coming soon from Gryphon and Gore is an entire fashion collection, called the Fighter Line.

  • A Comfortable Bathrobe

    A Comfortable Bathrobe

    A soft and comfortable robe is a must-have item. The typically wide sleeves of bathrobes make it easy to navigate around the drains, and you can adjust the slackness to not feel too constricted.

  • A Zippered Camisole

    A Zippered Camisole

    Lifting your arms overhead can be a tall task in the weeks after surgery. With the full front zipper on this particular camisole, you don’t have to. Not to mention, it provides easy access during doctor appointments. Most post-surgical camisoles even have interior pockets to hold a drain.

  • A Pajama Set with Buttons or Zippers

    A Pajama Set with Buttons or Zippers

    Being comfortable enough to get good sleep is important to your recovery. A loose-fitting pajama set with buttons or a zipper top and slip-on pants is a must. Make sure that the fabric is soft and easy to get on and off for ultimate comfort.

  • A Loose Pool Cover-Up

    A Loose Pool Cover-Up

    Pool cover-ups are the perfect summertime piece for after surgery. They’re lightweight, easy to move in, and often colorful and stylish. If you’re feeling like you need a boost of femininity in your post-surgery wardrobe, slip a cover-up over your favorite camisole.

  • A Flowing Dress

    A Flowing Dress

    Comfortable dresses are easy and practical go-tos. Make sure to add a few to your closet that have a loose fit and soft fabric before surgery. If you can find one with a front zipper or buttons, that’s even better.

  • Check Your Wardrobe Off the List

    Check Your Wardrobe Off the List

    Getting everything in order before surgery can feel like a daunting task. Making sure that your closet is stocked with functional essentials will help you recover in comfort and in style.

    Check out The Why Foundation’s website for more thoughts and advice on post-mastectomy fashion from breast cancer fighter Allison W. Gryphon and designer Piper Gore.