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The Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Forums of 2015

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  • The Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Forums of 2015

    The Best Metastatic Breast Cancer Forums of 2015

    Although no one can say exactly where a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer will take you in the weeks and months to come, experiential support can help you through it.

    Experiential support is support you get from people that you may not even know. When social support, such as a conversation with your mother or a hug from your friend, isn’t enough, experiential support may be an option. This can include reading a blog by someone who has cancer or participating in a breast cancer forum.

    Although research has long shown quality-of-life benefits related to social support, researchers are increasingly looking into the potential of experiential support. This type of support offers people with cancer a first-hand look into how other people are dealing with their own cancer.

    If you’ve been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, a discussion forum may help connect you with others who can relate to your experience. When searching for a worthwhile forum, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Who is the moderator?
    • What are the moderator’s credentials?
    • Is this forum associated with a reputable medical institution? (If so, that’s a good thing.)

    To help you wade through all the different opinions out there, we’ve found and reviewed what we feel are some great forums. Read on to explore these support options and see if they might work for you.

  • BreastCancer.org’s Discussion Boards

    BreastCancer.org’s Discussion Boards

    With more than 160,000 members and 80 different forums, the BreastCancer.org discussion boards connect a large community of people with breast cancer. Because this site is so vast, there’s a forum for just about every place or person that breast cancer touches. This particular forum hosts over 20,000 threads on stage 4 or metastatic breast cancer. Whether you’re looking for advice about a certain medication or information about what to expect after a diagnosis, there’s a great chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

  • Inspire’s Advanced Breast Cancer Community

    Inspire’s Advanced Breast Cancer Community

    Inspire’s Advanced Breast Cancer Community is a great go-to if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The web portal’s mission is to empower people with advanced and metastatic breast cancer to make the best decisions for their own situation. The community recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and that everyone will experience cancer in their own way.

    This forum also extends to friends, family members, and healthcare providers. There are over 14,000 active forum members, and their posts cover everything from treatment plans and side effects to requests for support or prayers.

  • BCMets.org’s Discussion Boards

    BCMets.org’s Discussion Boards

    At first glance, BCMets.org may look a bit different than other forums you’ve seen before. That’s because each topic and thread are cataloged by the month and year. Instead of being bombarded with conversations when you first visit the website, this community for metastatic breast cancer information and support invites you to explore at your own pace.

    Once you’ve started posting, this cataloging allows you to find your posts easily. You just have to take note of when you posted. If it’s your first time using the site, you can pull up the most recent month and start browsing. You don’t need to sign up or be a member to peruse other people’s questions or comments. If you feel more comfortable being anonymous, this might be the place for you. You can also receive updates to your post or thread via email.

  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation’s Discussion Boards

    Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation’s Discussion Boards

    This forum has been an active discussion board since 2011. It’s specifically created for people with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). This means that if you have TNBC, you’ll be able to find people here who know just what you’re dealing with and maybe what you’re going through. Treatments, outlook, and other specifics may be more similar than those with a slightly different form of metastatic cancer, so definitely check this out if you have TNBC. Alternatively, if your cancer is different from TNBC, this forum probably won’t help you as much.

  • Ask an Expert from Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center

    Ask an Expert from Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center

    This forum is run by Johns Hopkins University and gives you an opportunity to ask an expert your questions. Lillie Shockney, R.N., or another medical professional at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center, responds to all questions posted in the forum.

    Whether you want to know more about your outlook or are curious about the side effects of a specific treatment, you can post your questions here. Friends and family members are also welcome to seek advice. You can usually expect a response within one week.

  • Breast Cancer Care’s Bone Mets Community

    Breast Cancer Care’s Bone Mets Community

    This forum is run by a charity based in the United Kingdom called Breast Cancer Care. It’s open to anyone with metastatic breast cancer. Topics range from end-of-life concerns to treatment options, and there’s even a board for inspiring news and stories. Events and in-person meetings typically take place in the United Kingdom. Some of the treatment specifics might also be different than in areas outside of the United Kingdom.

  • Her2Support.org’s Discussion Boards

    Her2Support.org’s Discussion Boards

    At Her2Support.org, there’s a wealth of support for people affected by a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Not only are there discussion boards, but there’s also a full website of helpful resources, including what HER2-positive breast cancer is and how it’s different from other breast cancers. There’s also a page with nutritional, financial, and legal resources.

    The discussion board is more user-friendly than others, which can make finding the topics you’re looking for easier. There’s also a list of frequently asked questions at the top of the page, which moderators recommend reading before delving too much into the conversation threads.

  • Explore the Potential of Experiential Support

    Explore the Potential of Experiential Support

    Whatever your unique circumstances are, know that there’s support available to help you through your metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Consider reaching out to family and friends. Social support can provide a wealth of benefits. Experiential support, whether from blogs, online forums, or discussion boards, can also provide a firsthand account that’s often not possible to get from even those who are closest to you. After you decide what type of information or care you’re after, explore your options. You may be surprised by the amount of support this type of resource can offer you.