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Finding the Best Migraine Apps: No Longer Such a Headache!

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  • Taking the Pain out of Migraine App Searches

    hands using smartphone apps

    Taking the Pain out of Migraine App Searches

    The causes of migraines are varied and not well understood. Stress or sleep problems trigger migraines in some, while others may be susceptible to caffeine or bright lights.

    No matter the cause of your migraines, check out these useful, affordable apps that are dedicated to making your life easier. Manage your migraines, track your triggers and symptoms, and ease or prevent your pain altogether.

    Please note: Healthline Networks does not endorse or warrant for fitness of purpose any of these applications. These apps have not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Healthline Networks and unless otherwise indicated, haven’t been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Headache Diary by Froggyware

    Headache Diary by Froggyware

    Headache Diary by Froggyware

    Available in both Lite (free) and Pro versions, this Android app makes keeping track of your migraines a cinch. A headache calendar allows you to track the day and time of migraines, along with accompanying symptoms and possible triggers. Log your attempts at treating your migraines and the severity of each attack to generate graphs and charts that show the distribution of causes or the days on which your headaches are the worst. Better still, you can send the reports to your healthcare provider for an easy explanation of your migraine patterns. 

  • Food Diary by Geoff Holden

    Food Diary by Geoff Holden

    This Food Diary app could be a godsend for those suffering from diet-induced migraine pain. Migraines triggered by food sensitivity, intolerance, or allergies, can be tracked effectively by keeping a food diary. 

    Use this handy app to keep track of what and when you eat and drink, and any subsequent headaches, migraines, or other symptoms. Take advantage of the database of stored terms to search for side effects of a food you’d eaten before.

  • SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm by SleepBot

    SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm by SleepBot

    For individuals experiencing migraines as a result of sleep disturbances, fatigue, or stress, the SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm may be the app for you. This app allows you to use your smartphone to track how deeply you sleep, how often you wake up, and the overall quality of your sleep.

    Use the information to track the correlation between your sleep cycles and your migraine pain. You can even share your results with a physician to discuss ways to improve your sleep and relieve your migraine pain. Over 5,000 five-star ratings can’t be wrong!