The human body is not a bunch of disconnected parts, but it’s often divided up among different types of doctors.

Dr. Prudence Hall thinks about the human body as a whole.

“We’re not a parts department. There’s a place for Western medicine, but we try to help our patients out first,” she told Healthline.

While growing her gynecology practice over many years, Hall studied how other cultures approach medicine, health, and aging.

Combining her knowledge of integrated healing and regenerative medicine, she established The Hall Center in Santa Monica, California.

For the past decade, Hall has not been shy about promoting her philosophy or her practice.

She has appeared on a number of televisions shows, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

She has used bioidentical hormones for 30 years to treat a number of conditions.

She has raised a lot of eyebrows by strongly advising young women not to take birth control pills.

She’s also been criticized online by some former patients as being more interested in being on television than taking care of patients. Those negative reviews also mention initial consultation fees between $800 and $1,200 that many times aren’t covered by insurance.

However, Hall is adamant in her belief that the medical community relies too much on prescriptions and focuses too heavily on symptoms.

She laid out her philosophy in an interview with Healthline.

Three Components of True Health

Regenerative medicine is a style of medicine that helps people age well.

True health, which is at the core of regenerative medicine, has three components, according to Hall. These three components form the basis of her practice.

First, there’s the physical layer. Your body should be working in harmony. All systems, including your hormonal and digestive systems, should be working properly.

“Inflammation ages us quicker and is an underlying cause of cancer, so you want to decrease inflammation in the body,” said Hall.

The doctor places great emphasis on lifestyle as well.

“Good sleep and regular exercise are crucial,” she said. “It’s also important to move your diet away from grains and toward lots of raw, fresh food and healthy, organic protein.”

Thoughts and emotions are the second layer.

“Thoughts matter. The desire to live, the will to live. We create our reality through thoughts and emotions,” said Hall. “The path to longevity is a path to self-awareness, healing past trauma, and having positive regenerative thoughts.”

The last part is knowing your true purpose.

“Patients who have a true purpose have extraordinary life energy,” Hall said.

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Getting Back to Basics

In regenerative medicine, doctors seek the root causes of aging and disease.

One example is depression.

“When someone is depressed, usually they go to a psychiatrist and get antidepressants,” said Hall. “We look at hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, a poorly functioning thyroid can cause depression. So can perimenopause or menopause. Birth control pills also alter hormones. As men age, they lose testosterone and can have hormonal imbalances, too. By correcting hormonal abnormalities, we can lift depression.”

In Hall’s practice, they work to rebalance hormones to youthful levels.

“Some people are concerned that hormones are dangerous, but we’ve been doing this for more than 30 years,” she said. “We’ve treated more than 40,000 patients. By rebalancing hormones, we can prevent some cases of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart attacks. These aren’t the old dangerous hormones that our mothers used.”

Hall uses herbs and plant-based solutions to strengthen the immune system. She’s also concerned about the toxins in our environment.

“Every single person on this planet is toxic. We’re exposed to chemicals in cosmetics, household goods, mold,” she said. “To detoxify, you start with the GI (gastrointestinal) tract and the liver. These are the primary organs that detoxify our bodies. We use a series of tests (urine, stool, parasites, etc.) to figure out what the toxins are. Then we target them and eliminate them. Each toxin is approached in a different way.”

Hall’s focus is on natural treatment, but she does occasionally write prescriptions for short-term use. Her emphasis, though, remains on finding the cause.

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The Whole Body, Patient-Centered Approach

For new patients, Dr. Hall books a three-hour visit. Next, patients meet with a nutritionist.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled for five to six weeks later.

In the meantime, patients can expect a few phone calls to find out how they’re doing.

In addition to health practitioners, patients also work with patient educators, coaches, and mentors.

Dr. Hall meets with patients again after three or four months. After that, she sees them every six months or once a year, depending on what health problems they’re dealing with. Some patients need more intense care.

To some people, that sounds like a lot of work and expense. Hall assures them that it’s not an exhausting regimen and is the path to wellness and longevity.

“The body is simple in a lot of ways,” said Hall. “Plants need water, sunlight, and minerals. The human body is similar to that. Treat it right, clean it up, and support it with nature.”

It all boils down to helping people feel better and live more fulfilling lives.

“I want women and men who are suffering to know they are not alone,” said Hall. “There is help.”

It’s about more than physical wellness.

“When you’re exhausted and can’t focus, you’re not the person you want to be. That’s not what you want in the second half of your life,” she said. “If we can maintain vitality and youth and wisdom, that’s an extraordinary second half of life. You can live your vision without being exhausted. That’s the goal of longevity. The goal of regenerative medicine is also to live a life of purpose. 

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