• Kraft Heinz has recalled nearly 6,000 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry Juice Drink in the US.
  • There are concerns the drink was contaminated with diluted cleaning solution.
  • The company became aware of the issue when several consumers complained about the taste.
  • Recalled products can be returned to the store from which they were purchased.

A total of 5,760 cases of Capri Sun have been voluntarily recalled by the brand’s parent company, Kraft Heinz. Each case contains a number of individual 6.6 FL oz (195 ml) pouches.

The move results from fears that a diluted form of cleaning solution — meant for use on food processing equipment — was accidentally added to the drink during the production process. Kraft Heinz was alerted to a potential issue after receiving complaints from several consumers regarding the product’s taste.

Not all Capri Sun products have been affected, however. Only pouches of the Wild Cherry Juice Drink made and sold in the US and with a best before date of 25 June 2023, have been recalled. (Specific recalled carton codes can be found on the Kraft Heinz website.) This means you don’t need to worry if you have different flavors or best before-dated pouches at home.

Kraft Heinz stated it is “actively working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially impacted product from circulation.” If you have already bought an affected product, you can return it to the store from which you made the purchase.

Capri Sun is a popular drink in the US, with research suggesting around a third of adults aged 18-50 drink it at least once a month. And, even though thousands of pouches are affected by the recall notice, this figure is just a small amount of the company’s sales: Globally, over 6 billion pouches are sold each year.

What to do if you drink recalled Capri Sun

In their recall notice, Kraft Heinz did not state that any customers had reported experiencing adverse health effects from drinking the potentially contaminated juice.

However, “if someone thinks they have consumed or drank a recalled product, they should contact their medical provider, especially if they are feeling any adverse reactions,” Kimberly Baker, PhD, RD, LD, director of the food systems and safety program team at Clemson University Extension Service, explained to Healthline. “If there is a medical emergency, then 911 should be called for immediate assistance.”

A recall is a public notice issued by a brand or company and can occur for various reasons.

“The most common recalls are label issues, but many are because of quality or food safety issues,” Matt Regusci, director of growth and public relations at ASI Food Safety, told Healthline. “The company will recall a product if they realize internally there is a problem with the product, they receive complaints from clients or consumers, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tells them to.”

In addition to stating the specific issue, many notices provide recommended actions — in this instance, to not consume the drink and to return any purchased product to the store.

Numerous product recalls are made by companies in the food and beverage industry each year. Around 150 have already been recorded by the FDA in 2022 alone.

However, the nature of the Capri Sun recall is “not a common occurrence,” revealed Baker.

“Food manufacturers have food safety plans that include policies and procedures…to prevent the likelihood of cleaning or sanitizing solutions from contaminating the food product,” she continued. “However, on rare occasions, contamination can occur.”

Regusci highlighted that “people are not perfect, and the more people you have in an operation, the higher the chance for human error. There are many employees in food processing facilities, and most facilities spend a lot of time and money on initial and ongoing training.”

You should recognize a notice and adhere to any recommendations if you have a recalled product.

“[The consumer] must understand the implication and how it may affect them or family members,” explained Baker.

Added Regusci: “The company will…know their products and potential issues with the products better than the consumers.”

While the Capri Sun recall impacts all who have purchased the product, Baker revealed that recall notices don’t always affect everyone.

For instance, “some recalls may be for allergen labeling,” she said. “If a product was not labeled that it contains milk when it does, and the consumer does not have a milk allergy, then they would not be impacted by this recall and can continue to consume the product.”

Food and drink product recalls are common, although potential contamination from cleaning fluid is a less frequent occurrence.

Recalled Capri Sun can be returned to stores, while Kraft Heinz can also be contacted on 1-800-280-8252 (9 am-6 pm EST, Monday-Friday) for reimbursement queries or to check if your product is affected.

If you drink any recalled Capri Sun, consult your medical provider for guidance.