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From Womb to World
From Womb to World

Kristy provides support for pregnant and laboring mothers and for transitioning families after the birth of their baby.

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Who Says That’s a Dumb Question? You’re About To Give Birth!

I get asked a lot of questions from prenatal yoga students and doula clients. There are questions on changes happening with the mother's body, preparing for labor and delivery, post partum concerns, infant care, breastfeeding and parenting. There are endless questions. So many that fill our minds as we go through this incredible journey. I would be concerned if someone who was about to give birth or become a new parent didn’t have any questions. And while I may not have all the answers, I feel there is never a question too ridiculous or silly to ask.

Pregnancy can feel like a vulnerable and overwhelming state sometimes. With all the changes and unknowns, it can even feel scary. There is so much that we wonder about the growing baby and the pending birth as well as the journey of parenting.

Over the last ten years I have heard hundreds of women talk about how their doctors don’t listen to them. They describe being shut up, shot down and ignored. They don’t feel listened to, heard or validated. Many women are afraid to even ask questions or talk about their concerns regarding labor and delivery. Many aren’t even given a chance to talk about how they would like to birth their baby or even how they envision or desire the birth to go. I have had several students and clients tell me that their doctors have told them “This is how your birth is going to go…” and preceded to tell them in detail what drugs they would be given and how they would birth their baby and even some were told they would get a cesarean (without any presenting risks).

Yes, there are many unknowns with birth. No one knows exactly what will happen. That is why educating yourself on your birth is so important. Some things we do know however, are that women's bodies are fully capable of birthing their babies and that birth is a very natural process. Women should trust their bodies and their babies to allow the process to happen. It’s important to be prepared, but ultimately be flexible and open to plans changing. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Let your doctor, midwife, and/or doula know your fears, concerns and desired plans for birthing and post partum. Pay attention to red flags with your healthcare providers. You want a physician and support team that will honor you in all the ways you need. You should be able to speak freely and ask as many questions that present themselves to you. It’s important that you feel safe, respected, cared for and validated. Make sure you are getting the care and respect you deserve.

Got questions? Ask away!

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Kristy is a highly trained and experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator.