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So what are teens and preteens up to these days with regard to their media consumption?
Are we making headway with all of the public health messages sayings "reduce screen time," get active, and get involved?" Sadly, I have to say we do not seem to be making much progress.

Youth Trends produces a report twice a year called The Tween and Teen Lifestyle Report which is only available to subscribers, but I pulled a few interesting tidbits from the Winter 2008 report off the GenDigital Blog.

  • During a typical month teens see an average of 1.8 movies (in a theater) while tween see an average of 1.3
  • Teens prefer action/adventure movies and tweens prefer comedies followed by animated movies
  • The most popular movie/actor for girls is Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The most popular actor for boys was Adam Sadler, followed by Will SMith and Will Ferrell
  • Nine out of ten youth have Internet access at home or school
  • Teens spend 12.5 hours a week online while tween s spend only 6.4 hours
  • The most popular sites are social networking sites, particularly Facebook
  • is becoming the top casual gaming site among all youth
  • TV consumption has actually increased (groan)
  • Teens watch an average of 11.9 hours a week and tweens watch an average of 12.2 hours a week
  • Boys watch more TV - for teens an average of 13.2 hours a week and for tweens an average of 14.5 hours a week
  • Favorite shows for boys - The Office, Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park
  • Favorite shows for girls - The Hills, Grey's Anatomy, House, and Dancing with the Stars

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