Working Teens & Performance Reviews

As an old raisin I cannot really remember my first performance review, but for working teens, it is a very teachable moment. If your teen has worked anyplace for a year, they will likely receive a performance review which is a great opportunity to help them understand work ethics and to give them a huge self-esteem boost (assuming they are doing well), or an opportunity to make different choices (if they are still learning those ethics).

Performance reviews usually include a self-evaluation, which most teens could use some help with! My teen at least was very humble in filling hers out recently, which surprised me until I realized she had no clue about the process. Her form asked her to rate her performance according to how often she called in sick, missed a shift, was late, was off in her cash drawer, or failed to complete some requirement, as well as by her relationships with her team members, manager, and most importantly, the customers.

Her manager then met with her, reviewed her self-evaluation, added his own comments, encouraged her to be more outgoing with the customers, and then gave her a hefty raise, which made her heart soar! How cool is that? Working teens have the opportunity to get feedback from an adult that is not their parent - which, what a surprise, seems to mean a lot to them!

Bottom line - stay involved and ask your working teen about the process - and throw in a couple comments about work ethics - viola - a teachable moment completed!
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