What Is Worrying Our Children These Days?

A European survey of 3,000 children between the ages of 8 and 14 has reported some very interesting and surprising results. The survey found that almost 25 percent of the youth listed unemployment as their top future concern. In other countries, green issues were the biggest fear.

I asked my own 14 year old and she said her biggest worry is finding a job that she is good at and loves - there you go - validation! When I asked why, she said she cannot really do much to control the world's resources or wars - so worrying about how she will support herself is the biggest worry she has!

Other results included:
  • British preteens and teens were almost twice as likely to use the Internet for social development as their European counterparts;
  • 36 percent of all teens and preteens still preferred in-person contact to using computers or mobile phones;
  • 64 percent of "tweens" would rather work for themselves;
  • The most desired careers were being a veterinarian, teacher, sports star, doctor and police officer;
  • The most admired people were moms (go us);
  • In France, both boys and girls most admired Barack Obama; and
  • Across Europe, all children ranked their family as the most important thing in their life, ahead of health, happiness, a good job and even having money!
Finally, the top three things that make people popular are are helping friends (67%), being funny (51% and being generous (39%). I say there is hope for our future!

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