UCAN Teen Report Card - Teens Grade Parents

UCAN (Ulrich Children's Advantage Network) solicits opinions from teenagers to create dialogue between adults and teens about solving the problems teens face in our society. The UCAN Report Card gives a voice to U.S. teens and hopes that teachers, parents and legislators will listen.

Each year, a representative sample of 1,000 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19 grade adults on their performance on a number of issues. The stratified sample is based on sex, age and ethnic distribution of teens in the U.S. The survey is sent via the mail each year in january or February and covers 20 topics including how well they feel adults are teaching values, spending time with their families, protecting kids from violence, preventing child abuse, being honest, running the government, understanding the realities of teen sex, leading by example, and helping young people cope with anxiety and depression.

Here is the report card from 2007 with some quotes from the participants.
  • Providing young people a safe place to live B
  • Providing a quality education for young people B
  • Creating job opportunities for the future B
  • Teaching positive values B-
  • Spending quality time with their families B-
  • Keeping schools sage from violence and crime B-
  • Protecting teens and kids from gun violence B-
  • Fighting AIDS C+
  • Building healthy relationships with young people C+
  • Being honest C+
  • Preventing child abuse C+
  • How well they discipline C+
  • Preventing verbal and emotional abuse C
  • Combating prejudice and racism C
  • Stopping teens from running away C
  • Understanding the realities of teen sex C
  • Stopping young people from using drugs C
  • Stopping young people from smoking C
  • Really listening to and understanding young people C
  • Leading by example C
" Leading by example starts at home, and the values and practices carried out by parents serve as the inspiration and motivation for us to stand up and make a difference."
  • Helping young people cope with anxiety and depression C
  • Running the government C-
" Contrary to adult opinion and perceptions, many of my peers pay close attention to the actions of the government and how their decisions will affect our future."
  • Protecting the environment C-
" Consider that the future you (parents) are planning is ours and that we are the ones who will have to clean up any mistakes you make now."
  • Understanding why teens leave home C-
  • Stopping young people from drinking C-

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