Twilight: Movie Review

Talk about experiencing pop-culture! My teens and I, along with 10 of their friends, and 400 other people, maybe four of whom were male, saw the new Twilight movie at 7:40 PM on opening day Friday, November 21, 2008! I have to say, I have never heard so many female voices screaming at once - it was very exciting and (thankfully, for me) a great movie. It honored the book and even did some great scenes word-for-word, allowing the entire audience to participate, taking me back to the Rocky Horror Show days of my own adolescence!

I asked the girls after the movie what they would like to include in the review and got an assortment of comments, mostly about how "hot" the men were - particularly the bad ones! There is just something wrong about listening to teen girls say, "I am manly, hear me roar," discussing how "hot," "sexy," and "flaming," the male characters are, and how pretty Carlisle is. One said she intended to not take off her favorite character t-shirt, and in fact, might wear it inside out!

Some of the favorite, and I might add, cheesiest scenes include Edward showing Bella how his skin sparkles in the sunlight, Edward's entire family, who do not eat, preparing a meal, with the help of a cooking show, for Bella, who must be Italian, since, "duh, her name is Bella," and the introduction of Jasper, who is described as always looking like he is in pain, which later you learn is because he wants to eat the humans after only recently swearing them off in favor of animals, which the Cullen family calls "vegetarianism."

This is a wonderful movie and we just hope they have already started filming the second movie, New Moon!

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