Teen Talk Sexuality & Education

Sometimes there are wonderful resources right under my nose and I do not find them for a while. This is the case with Teen Talk Sexuality - a wonderful group of people doing amazing sexuality education work with schools and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Their mission: To provide science-based comprehensive educational programs to youth and adults to help teens make the healthy choices that will result in lower rates of teen pregnancy and STD/HIV in the community. Their programs include (science-based, comprehensive and effective) workshops for parents to help them communicate about "the tough stuff" with children at different ages; 8-10 hours of class delivered in school; trainings for teachers; a teen parent panel; resource lists; and information to help parents and teachers understand the California Education Code and Health Education Content Standards. To youth they offer information about the law, services and the facts - without judgment - just respect!

This amazing group of dedicated people is about to publish a middle school comprehensive sexuality curriculum, too! , I tell you, this is my kind of place, and oh yeah, they are non-profit, and always need donations of cash or publishing, marketing, data analysis, or evaluation skills! Be the difference - help them out!

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