Support for Depressed Parents of Teens

I had a request from someone this week to help locate support for parents who are depressed and parenting a teen and what I found was pretty dismal. I am hoping that if readers of Teen Health 411 know of any online support groups for depressed parents, that you will post a comment and share that information with us.

I did find some great resources (listed below) about depression, and there are support groups for parents - for parent with depressed teens, kids with ADHD, and developmental delayed kids, as well as support groups for single parents, Jewish parents, divorced parents, etc... but no online support for parents who are depressed and managing to parent teens, in some cases, quite successfully.

Support Groups for Depression
dmoz open directory project - support groups

dmoz open directory project - chats and forums

Other Groups

Depressed Moms
Good information, maybe a little more appropriate for new moms.

Support Partners
Is a program to help people find the support they need.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
NIMH is the primary funding and information disseminating arm for depression-related research in the United States.

This is the NIMH portal to information on depression: signs and symptoms, treatment, and how to get help.

Real Men Real Depression gives examples of men who had the courage to seek help

Depression and Women, this web page also addresses gender-related differences in diagnosis and treatment

Depression and Children
- information useful to parents, students, and others is provided in the site’s links, as well as the latest information related to the use of medications in treating depressed children, including an advisory from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

More Resources (suggested since original post was published)
Parenting Well
A group of researchers and practitioners providing resources for healthy families.

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