Six Steps to Increase the Number of Unintended Pregnancies

According to a brochure that I got in the mail today from Planned Parenthood, women's reproductive rights are in jeopardy. I thought I would translate the brochure into one for parents who want to encourage their teenagers to have a baby before they are 18.

Here is what parents can do:
1. Do not provide your children with real sex education. If you want to increase your child's chance of having an unintended pregnancy, teach only abstinence and do not discuss contraception or condom use.
2. Do not let the facts get in your way. Don't believe that condoms can protect from sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy, and don't teach your children to use them.
3. Refuse to let your children use birth control and do not tell them that after the age of 12 (in California) they are guaranteed confidential reproductive health care by law.
4. Make emergency contraception hard to get. Do not tell your children that they can get Plan B within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.
5. Do not let your kids see condoms ads - watch only Fox and CBS who are resisting condom ads.
6. Do not support family planning services that provide free or low cost contraception to women and vote for congress people who who refuse to increase funding to Title X programs.

There you have it - early grandparenthood, guaranteed!

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