On the Road Again - Another College Visit

OK, the college season has changed and all of the U.S. families with high school seniors (who can afford it) are now taking to the air and highway to visit the colleges their kids have been accepted at - in hopes of finding the "right one." Students have moved past the "no one will accept me" phase and are feeling pretty darn good about having choices, but picking one by May 1st may be quite a challenge.

We are blessed to be able to do two more trips - one so my oldest can sit for a scholarship exam today and one in March to visit a (Midwestern) state where she got into two schools, but one that we did not visit last year because it was so far away. What is different the second time around is that we meet more faculty, she spends a night in a dorm with a current student, and at the school we are visiting today, the alumni parents actually provide a welcoming dinner last night.

We are focusing on what life in each town will be like. We are practicing taking public transportation to and from the closest airport, checking out local restaurants, bookstores and things to do, and thinking about the cost of living. I have to point out that the cost of living so far has been cheaper everywhere than our home town of Palo Alto - so that is the easy part!

I love watching my daughter imagine a life as an adult - worrying about weather, money, transportation, books, registration, social activities and new friends. She is open and excited and has loved talking to people of all ages and social positions to really understand what a life in this town would be like. She is truly an inspiration as she embraces change and grows into a young woman, right before my very eyes!

Photo credit: Armando Maynez
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