Review of the Stay Teen Website

A recent TV ad encouraged my family to check out the Stay TV Stay Teen website - which is from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. The website is really informative, includes videos encouraging teens stay teens and avoid teenage pregnancy, and provides resources for parents, and even educators.

On Stay Teen there are videos made by teens, for teens, resources about contraception, facts about how many teens are [not] having sex, and help to evaluate the health of your relationships. My favorite section was the Flirting 2.0 page that encourages teen not to send sexually suggestive content (of any form) electronically.

My greatest concern about this site is that there are comments teens have posted on the video pages which include some very personal information (about pregnancy, losing virginity, etc...) attached to actual email addresses. I have sent an email to suggest this practice stop, as allowing teens to post this information is actually putting them at risk, and am hoping the editors of the site will change the comment procedure to protect those youth!
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