Public Health Begins at Home

From the time we’re born, public health is working to protect every member of our family. Whether it’s receiving immunizations and other preventive services, working with schools to prevent disease and provide nutritious lunches, living in lead-free homes, eating safe foods or being cared for at home as we age, public health is a part of every aspect of our lives.

Today, think about how public health provides the foundation for healthy families and homes. Use this information and raise awareness about the importance of public health in our daily lives.

Here are some tips to get you started:
  • Raise awareness. Housing conditions can significantly affect public health. Make sure your community knows it is important to have our homes inspected for lead, mold and other potential health hazards.
  • Encourage your family to spend less time watching TV and more time being active together. Most children in the United States spend more than five hours a day watching television, using the computer or playing video games. Parents can lead by example - get up and get moving today!
  • Discuss the importance of healthy eating with your family. Build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits by helping your family learn the importance of good nutrition.
  • Get your preventive health services done - and let your family know you do it - vaccines, mammograms, pap tests, colonoscopies, PSA tests, HPV vaccines are all included.
Be well and be conscious that many of us are blessed with health insurance, great physicians and money to eat well, exercise and take care of our preventive health care needs. Make sure your kids understand that there are many people in every community without those blessings and that everyone deserves adequate health care!
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