Prom Dresses for Girls Size 16 and Above

There was a great article in the Wichita Eagle by Loretta Grantham about Prom gown dresses for plus-size teens. Can I just say, "it is about time!" The article includes links to and, and I also want to suggest and which all carry magnificent dresses for special occasions. No more making your own dress because you cannot find one that fits, although the prices may still be a barrier for some girls, these dresses will help any girl feel beautiful. I do have to say that I was annoyed that SydneysCloset included some small models, which will not help a larger girl see how the dress will fit her, but at least the size chart can help the chances a dress will fit.

The author points to the fact that 21% of 12-19 year olds are overweight, and 16% are more than 30 pounds overweight, but that all girls want to look great for fancy occasions, including prom. The self-esteem of every young woman will be enhanced by feeling gorgeous, appealing, and special. Thank goodness there are alternatives to mall shopping and that it has become acceptable for groups of friends to attend these events - providing a chance for everyone to dress up and sparkle!

Photo credit: femaletrumpet02
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