A Parenting Book That Could Change Your Life

OK, I know, I sound like an infomercial, but I am serious. How does never being angry at your teenager again sound? How about raising happy and responsible children? Who could not want to experience those things?

Dr. Greg Baer, the author of "Real Love in Parenting," thinks he can teach you the way to raise wonderful children and be a happier person in the process. I tell you, I keep looking for something to be suspicious about this guy, but I am in the middle of my second book and am loving it.

I do not think I have a read a book that impacted so much of my life since I was in college. This book is also having an effect on my kids. I keep reading sections out loud and both kids really enjoy what this man has to say.

The basic premise is that people need to know they are unconditionally loved, and as parents we think we do love our children unconditionally, until you read this book and start to realize how much of our connection is conditional - and not about our children, at all.

There are definitely some things you will not like, for example, he believes that most of us are woefully unprepared to be parents and that our lack of parenting skills is the reason we have rebellious, angry, disobedient children. The nice part of his message is that we need to forgive ourselves - because no one has ever taught us to be good parents and we cannot give away what we do not have.

He describes our children as suffering, and believes that if we feel loved and love our children, we will never be disappointed or angry at them again. He illustrates the truth in this over and over with real-life situations and solutions. Every family, every parent should read this book.

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