My Kid is Going To College!

OMG! WTF? Are you kidding? I am not ready! Those 17 years sure blew by fast - I still remember singing to her while rubbing my pregnant belly! How the heck will we all manage? I take it all back - encouraging independence, providing a great education, fostering decision-making and organization skills - nah - it is over rated!

Or how about this - sheer bliss, satisfaction, a happy glow, peace, self-satisfaction, pride, anticipation, excitement, and can I say pride, again? She got the call - the first university she applied to, wants her, will provide a scholarship, and she wants to attend! My first born will be leaving next Fall, whether any of us are ready, or financially prepared, or not!

Scary - I will give you scary - this is the kid who leaves her towels on the floor, once rode her bike about five miles past our house, thinks orange striped socks go with her purple miniskirt, regularly runs into curbs on her bike, does not like driving on the freeway, locks herself out of the house, holds my hand when we walk through the farmer's market, and without a little nagging, would read all day without remembering to eat! How can she be going to college?

Life happens and well sometimes it is darn scary to let go! As a parent, I do not think I will ever know if I have done a good enough job, trust that my kids know what they need to know in order to survive on their own, have the experience to handle whatever life throws their way, will always remember to be kind and help others, believe with every fiber of their being that they are loved and perfect, and will always come home!

After freaking out for several days, I finally remember ... all we can do is encourage them, hug them, and listen when they call, all the while remembering the feel of their soft skin holding our hand and looking into our eyes with trust and love! We will all be fine!

Photo credit: Edward Allen L. Lim
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