Movie Review: New Moon

oooh la la I am so tired this morning because ... of course, we had to see New Moon at 12:05 AM this morning. Luckily the theater let us arrive two hours early and sit waiting cozily inside, doing homework, reading and listening to the chatter of all the excited Twilight Saga fans. Not everyone was so lucky - when we arrive at 10 PM there were still lots of people sitting in the cold waiting to get in to one of about five midnight (ish) shows. My daughter said there was also a showing at 4 AM in case you needed to see the movie before work.

We were so thrilled when the movie started and cannot wait for the next movie, which I heard will come out in June! This second of four, is a far better movie (technically) than the first one was, and even the acting seemed to improve although the character of Edward still pouts way too much, but as a mom, I am not all that tolerant of "poor me." The tension between Edward and Bella is much more believable now that they are a couple, and of course, the buzz of the night was what team do you play on - Edward or Jacob - and I have to say, the jury is still out, although if you rank the spontaneous"oooohhs and aaahhhs" when the shirts came off, the newly buffed out Jacob wins hands down!

We also saw one of the first shows of Twilight and I noticed that the audience this year was different - many more men, a few gay couples, more young adult women, including several teachers preparing for morning lessons, a couple dads, and a lot more of the preteen demographic - but everyone seemed to have a great time! Fewer people recited the lines with the characters, and I loved the Volturi! The wolves are also amazing, but Alice and Charlie are still my favorite characters, although for a dad to wait five months to say "this is not normal" to a teen depressed after a break up, was a little off - you think?

You know me, I have to say the book is much better, there is so much more to the characters and plot in the book, but I loved the movie and the two hours flew by! Teen love, emotions and pain are the name of the game - and this movie is the perfect opportunity to talk with your kids about depression, risk-taking, puberty, and the pain associated with relationships. Have fun!

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