Most Read Posts in 2008 From Teen Health 411


So I thought it would be interesting to share with you which Teen Health 411 posts had been read the most in 2008, and here are my top 10! It is an interesting assortment of topics.

1/24/08 What Puts Teens Online at Risk?
1/25/08 A Global Perspective on Teen Sex Habits
2/4/08 HPV Vaccine - For Boys?
2/6/08 College Applications and Facebook/MySpace Pages
3/31/08 In Memory of Larry King
4/12/08 Treating the Whole Person
6/20/08 Which Teens Work - If They Can Find a Job
8/8/08 Sports and Injuries in Teens - ACL Injuries
10/16/08 Can My Partner Spend the Night?
11/9/08 Blue Family in a Blue State With Blue Values

I would love to hear what topics matter the most to you - please feel free to post a comment!

Happy New Year!
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