More To Love - Reality or Education?

Help me, I have now watched a reality show! I resisted the first week and was actually annoyed at the trailers the month before the show "More to Love" premiered, but I gave in the second week and actually sat through several group and individuals dates with Luke - the man looking for a spouse on national TV.

This man is large, happy, successful and not afraid to be who he is on national TV. In addition, he says things like I love large, curvy women, and tells them they have nothing to be shy or embarrassed about - they are beautiful. How unusual is that?

I do not think one show can compete with the damage done by the rest of prime time television, but anything helps! I think the most important message this show has to offer is the insights into the lives of women who have grown up large, fat, heavy, fluffy, plump, big, obese, overweight, whatever term you choose to call women who are large.

My heart broke for these young women, for the self-esteem battleground they live with, and for the limited hope they seemed to have for being loved for who they are. Some of the things they said really stuck with me, including:
  • No one has ever loved me for me.
  • I have never been on a romantic date.
  • He is the first man I think who ever liked me.
  • Growing up I was always the fat kid and was teased.
  • No one has ever treated me kindly ... told me I was precious.
  • I want someone who is not embarrassed to be with me.
I can only hope that this show exposes more people to the pain caused by judging a person by their size; opens up new hope for large women who deserve respect, romance and love in their life. We need to do more, but every movement starts with one thing!

To learn more about healthy body image, please visit one of my favorite Web sites for boosting body image, at any size: Body Positive. No one should feel unloved!
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