Monday: The Day All Health Breaks Loose

Want to be part of a movement? How about joining the campaign to get Americans back on a healthier track every Monday morning?

For most of us, Monday is a low point in our week and represents the return to the daily grind. If you are like many of us the weekend, on the other hand, is for indulgence and a lack of exercise, which contributes to the Monday morning blahs.

In the best of all worlds, our sloth and over indulgence ends every Monday, but in fact, that may not be the case. Eating too much, drinking, and not getting enough exercise are the things that are contributing to our increasingly overweight population living with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

The Healthy Monday campaign created by Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Syracuse Universities calls for all Americans to use Monday morning to get back on track with healthy behaviors. The movement encourages all Americans to reflect on their choices every Monday morning and start fresh - eating 2,000 calories, going meatless, exercising after dinner, getting enough sleep - whatever you know you should be doing.

So this coming Monday will likely follow a full weekend of celebrating Independence Day, so make it count and have a Healthy Monday!
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