Momma Zen: Finding Peace and Patience

The ninth annual Palo Alto Mothers Symposium was Saturday, March 7th and it featured Karen Maezen Miller, the author of Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood. She is a mother, blogger, and Zen Buddhist priest who teaches mothers to see the joy in everyday situations and how to find joy in the here and now!

This is what I took away from the morning - first we all need to practice:
  • slowing down
  • counting our blessings
  • breathing
  • finding peace (of mind)
  • patience
  • being present
  • giving attention
  • trusting ourselves
  • trusting our children
  • accepting magic
  • finding balance
  • feeling balanced
  • being okay with this (what is)
  • contentment
  • forgiveness
  • accepting change
Most importantly, we need to have time and give time freely - because we have all the time in the world. Having time reflects our priorities - if we said "you are not important" to our children instead of "not now" every time we put them off - I bet we would stop ignoring their pleas for our attention!

I also learned that I do not want to practice:
  • worrying
  • feeling guilty
  • self-criticism
  • strategizing
  • manipulating
  • fear
  • inadequacy
  • being unbalanced
  • feeling incapable
  • lacking
  • hurrying
  • making lists
  • having problems
  • resentment
  • anger
  • judgment
I love the Mothers Symposium - it honors motherhood and I always float out, happy with the entire world! Today, I am going to practice what I learned - for as long as I can.
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