MOMfulness Book Review

MOMfulness: Mothering with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Grace (2007) by Denise Roy is a must read for all parents who would appreciate a moment of peace, on demand. Every busy parent needs a reason to slow down, have a cup of tea, and celebrate the joy of parenthood. This book provides us with that opportunity, reminds us how important parents are, and how much more we can appreciate ourselves, our decisions, and our families. With a very Buddhist bend, parents who read this book will find themselves breathing deeper and smiling more!

Every short chapter, on presence, attention, compassion, embodiment, sacredness, and community, is a blessing that awakens, comforts, and encourages a new day and a positive attitude. I loved reading this book, every morning for a week, as a reminder to myself that each day is a fresh start and chance to make decisions that enhance my well-being, as well as that of my children.

Ms. Roy defines MOMfulness as the "spiritual practice of cultivating a mindful, compassionate, mothering practice."

Perfection is not the goal, nor is removing the required tasks of motherhood from our lives so we can nurture ourselves. MOMfulness helps parents realize how much joy or healing can take place during our normal daily tasks by just being present in each moment and not judging ourselves, the situation, or our children!

This is a great book to share with book groups, PTAs, church or prayer groups, or just to leave on the coffee table. Everyone needs a moment of joy, kindness, and peace in their day!

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