Making knowledge matter: After sex ed and the talk with parents

My name is Nancy Brown and I am an adolescent health specialist with two daughters ages 14 and 11. My goal at Healthline is to provide youth, teens, and young adults with medically accurate health information to questions that still exist after sexuality education and the "talk" with parents. I have worked with teens and health for 25 years – nothing will embarrass or surprise me – from fizzy wienies to sticky yellow vaginal discharge – if you can describe it – I can talk about it.

In my ideal world, all young people would have a close relationship with an adult they could ask questions about their health, but in reality, that is not the case. In this blog I will not trivialize your concerns and will do my best to answer your questions or point you somewhere to find the information you are looking for. I will not criticize your behavior, but will offer my advice when you ask for it – but like all advice, you choose what to accept and what to ignore.

Where shall we start?
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