Love Your Body Day!

Loving our bodies and accepting our size may be the hardest things most women ever have to do! I found an old news article from Deb Burgard about the "war on obesity" and decided that I needed to help promote October 18th, which is still Love Your Body Day.

The article talks about the size acceptance movement, which we can see everywhere, including the Dove campaign for real beauty and the increasing talk about how to protect youth from suffering the consequences of our culture's focus on perfection and very narrow definition of beauty. We are all responsible for helping young people not buy into the myth that a perfect body leads to a perfect life!

If you have not visited the NOW Foundation "love your body" site, do it now. It includes great resources including a video with presenting tools called "Sex, Stereotypes and Beauty: The ABCs and Ds of Commercial images of Women," facts on body image, eating disorders, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery, and addiction, examples of positive and offensive advertising, and even resources for schools and communities who have decided to TAKE ACTION and unlink social power and appearance!

Lead the charge: "Change your mind, change your culture, and let your body be!"

Photo credit: wadem

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