It Is T.V. Turn Off Week!

Welcome to TV Turn Off Week, April 23 - 29, 2007

If you haven't done it already, sit down with your family and talk about why you are participating in TV Turn Off Week this year and what the plan will be for the hours you normally watch TV. Do you have a house or garden project you want to start? Have you been wanting to do a community service project together? Is there a book you want to read out loud together? Does the dog need a bath? How about a neighborhood walk each evening at 8 PM?

My kids and I have a list of favorite games we want to play - that are usually only played when camping and traveling - mancala, quiddler, spoons, and speed. I did have to agree to let them tape the couple of shows we normally watch (or tape) during the week so they can watch them later.

TV Turn Off Week has been shared by millions of people since it started in 1995 as an opportunity to think, create, do something new, and most especially, re-connect with our families, community, and school.

We are raising one of the least physically active and most overweight generation ever and 40% of American families eat dinner with a TV on. Turning the TV off this week lets you add some regular physical exercise to your day, find new ways to share time with your family, and in general, get more out of life! Have fun!

To celebrate - here is a poem written by one of my daughters:

Drunk on TV/Turn Off That TV And Read

By Madison Brown-Moffitt
April, 2007

There is nothing more boring,
Unappetizing, or shallow.
Realize that your life is racing by
Never noticing the flare and fun

Of books, and literature
Fun can also be exercise
Few exercise a lot

To tell the truth, neither do I
However, if you sit and stare
Another day will run away.
That television, which rots your brain.

Though you burn fewer calories than sleeping,
Vast amount of people sit there

Again slaves to the flickering lights.
Never interacting, never speaking,
Day will fade to night.

Revolving are the stars,
Each brain rots
As they sit there,
Drunk on the flashing screen.

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