How Busy is Busy?

Can I just say that this time of year completely kicks my butt! I am sitting in a dirty house on a Sunday morning, finishing my second cup of coffee:
  • trying to keep the dog from waking up the kids, who have been at the California Junior Classical League Convention for 14 hours a day, two days in a row, and are exhausted;
  • blogging, which I love, but takes time;
  • waiting to start the laundry;
  • get to the farmer's market;
  • host a lunch;
  • visit a store to buy an accessory for my oldest's school banquet Friday;
  • have a fitting for a dress the youngest designed for an event two weeks from now;
  • clean the house;
  • buy groceries;
  • make reservations for the college road trip during Spring break;
  • set up appointments for an alignment check and oil change for road trip;
  • move medical appointments because of water polo practice;
  • make Sunday dinner; and
  • be the kind, supportive and loving parent my kids need to complete their homework today.
It is a wonder that more parents are not hysterical! This time of year we have sports, social events, holidays, the last quarter of school (and a million extra events), prep for summer, birthdays, school plays and activities, and Spring chores calling me to mulch, plant and clean everything that seems to have been ignored all winter. Add work, a meager social life, the economic woes of our country, and the constant self-doubt associated with parenting, and whoa -- I am behind before I even start!

But, in kicks my own advice! Breathe and prioritize! The kids will not care if the house is a mess this week, the lunch guests will be happy with cooked fare from the farmer's market, a year from now one child will be preparing for college and another finishing her first year of high school, so every moment with them counts, and what matters to them is that I am present and love them, so I will choose to focus on those very real things, hug my kids (when they finally wake up) and trudge through the chores - as time permits!

Thanks for listening! Hug your kids for me today and thank them for giving you a purpose on earth and keeping you sane!
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