Happy Thanksgiving - Generations

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the readers of Teen Health 411. I hope your day is peaceful and full of blessings, love, and happiness. Today is an opportunity to remember everything we are grateful for and tell those people we appreciate how lucky we are to share our life with them.

One of the things I love about the holidays is the opportunity to spend time with my family and watch the different generations of family members interact with each other. As a child I remember playing with all the cousins outside on holidays (it was Southern California) while the women cooked and the men watched TV. Apart from the usual family drama, holidays were fun and we all enjoyed them.

As the middle generation, and with a much smaller family, I share my own children with my mom on the holidays and am very conscious that the rituals we create now will become part of the girls' futures. We usually do a long drive, help her put up holiday decorations, and share a meal that includes everyone's favorite dish. During the (media free) day, the girls play games, help cook, play in the snow, and relax, which is wonderful to watch and enjoy. We share long conversations about the things the kids are learning in school, hobbies, and the future, conversations that are not usually had with my mom, and I love listening to them share and appreciate each other's perspective.

I always fall asleep at the end of these days happy and a little emotional about how lucky I am and how much I appreciate the time with my mom and my children, who are growing up too fast and will within the next decade start their own lives and traditions.

Enjoy every minute of your day - and blessings for the coming holiday season! Thank you for sharing my life! Here is an affirmation (from Mark Husson, 2006) for your day: "There is not enough paper in the world to write down everything I am thankful for."

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