Happy Anniversary Teen Health 411

I cannot believe that Teen Health 411 has existed for an entire year! Wow! 206 posts later, I want to thank Healthline for sponsoring this blog and teaching me how to function in the blogosphere. More importantly, I especially want to thank the more than 1,100 subscribed readers and the other visitors who read my posts. I also want to find out more about you and get your recommendations about the future of Teen Health 411.

One of my personal characteristics seems to be self-reflection and growth, always changing what I do and how I do it. I believe that blogs, like all writing, can connect people, heal wounds, and inspire. I have two goals for the coming year. The first is a practical goal, to grow the readership of Teen Health 411 so it continues to exist, and the second is to foster community within the readers of Teen Health 411.

Unlike other blogs, this one is not about a clearly defined subject, for a clearly defined set of people. Teen Health 411 has hosted rants about politics and health care, updates on health-related news and medical progress, perspectives on parenting issues, information about teen- and preteen-specific social, emotional and physical health topics, and an occasional inspirational offering. As every parent, teen, preteen, and professional knows, parenting is a multi-faceted process, as is growing up. I get comments from parents, professionals, and teens, but I know little about you, what brings you to the blog, what you like the most, what comforts you, or how I can be of service.

If you are so inspired, please complete this brief and anonymous survey or post a comment and introduce yourself and tell me what types of posts are the most helpful to you (rants, updates, perspectives, information, or inspiration). I will be happy to provide more specific topics or types of posts. In addition, you can help expand the readership by telling a friend, colleague or social group about Teen Health 411 and encouraging them to check it out.

Again, my sincerest appreciation for your interest in Teen Health 411. I look forward to sharing a small piece of your world in the coming year!

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