Happy 3rd Anniversary Teen Health 411 Readers

Teen Health 411 has now been around for three years and to celebrate, as is the tradition, here is an index of articles, by topic! Thank you for being a reader!

Abortion (6)
When Denial is Not the Best Choice
Unwanted and Teen Pregnancy in the Media
Supreme Court Restricts Women's Reproductive Freedom
Confidential Reproductive Health Care and Teens
Keep Teens Safe: Vote No on CA Prop 4
Abortion Pills and Safety

Advertising (4)
Can't Buy My Love ...
Shame on RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
U.S. Food Companies Promise to Limit Food Advertising to Kids
Selling Food to Children: Why is Obesity a Problem?

Alcohol (11)
Alcohol Use and Teens: The Role of Adults
Teens and Alcohol: What is Normal?
Social Norms and Teen Drinking
College Students and Stress
Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction
Alcohol Use and School Attachment
Teens Who Work May Be In Danger
Unintentional Injuries ...
Substance Abuse: Teens & Young Adults
Talking To Teens About Alcohol
Interactive Alcohol Education Resource

Babysitting (1)
Babysitting Rules and Conversation

Beauty At Any Cost
For Goodness Sake - Cosmetics Can Kill You
Protect and Care For Your Skin
Seventeen Magazine and the Body Peace Project
Onslaught Video by Dove
Hair Removal and Beauty
Embracing Healthy Skin
Reality TV and Teen Health
Shaving Pubic Hair

Biking (1)
Bike Safety and Manners

Body Art (3)
Tattooing & Body Piercing
Oral & Dental Complications of Piercing
Piercing & Teens

Body Image (10)
The Care & Feeding of Adolescents
Protect & Care for Your Skin
Girls & Body Image
Body, Self-Esteem, Gender & Race
Prom Dresses for Girls Size 16+
Weight Loss Ads & Young Girls
Healthy Living: A Teen Perspective
Teen Body Image
Nancy Redd Is Coming To Palo Alto
Nancy Redd Came To Town! Oh My!

Book Reviews
House of Night Series
News For Twilight Fans
Breaking Dawn Review
Teen Read Week 2008
The 2008 Teens Top 10 Books
House of Night Review: Hunted
Book Review: Momma Zen
Book Review: Evermore & Blue Moon
Book Review Wicked Lovely & Ink Exchange

My Sister's Keeper: Movie & Book Review

A Boy Crisis
Males, Romance & Success
Teen Boys & Romance
Boys: The Teens We Ignore
Teen Boys & Healthcare
Are Males Dominant, Disconnect & Dangerous
Manorexia: Males & Eating Disorders
Boy's Guide To Becoming A Teen

Bullying (12)
Cyberbullying & Fear
Fashion Bullies in Middle School
Setting an Example
Best Practices in Bullying Prevention
School Bullying
LGBTQ Harassment
Schools & Parents Taking Action
Harassment & Bullying
Bullying & Teens

Making Community College Important
Book Review: You Are On Your Own (but I'm here if you need me)
The Used To Be Empty Nest
The Launching Years Part 1
The Launching Years Part 2
College Students & Stress
Education Update
A Gap Year
Stanford Here We Come
College Applications & Facebook
Is Character As Important As Grades?
PSAT Scores & College Prep
When Your Kid Goes To College
Are Teens Emotionally Ready For College?
Teens Leaving For College
College Costs: Reality Check
What Matters in the College Application
College Financial Aid
Stanford's Sexual Health
SAT Scores and Athletics
College Touring
Guide to College Admission Process
Transition To College & Single-Sex vs. Coed High Schools
College Touring With Younger Siblings
Is Your Parenting Ready For College?
College Financial Aid - When To Start Applying
College Visits - The OR/WA Road Trip
No More Second Chances At SJSU

What To Take To College

Community Service
Traveling With Teens: Part 3
Community Service & Teens

Now What Do I Do: A Guide For Teens
Stable Families Health With Divorce Impact
Parenting Practices Usually Stay Stable

Driving (9)
Hands Free Law
Fewer 16-Year-Olds Driving
July 2008 Bans Cell Phones
Preparing Parents for Teens to Drive
Teens Admit Risky Driving Habits
Teen Driving Risks, Guidance for Parents
Drivers Education & Teen Fatalities
It Is National Teen Driver Safety Week
California Graduated Drivers License

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders and Teens 1
Eating Disorders and Teens 2
Weight Control in Middle School
Eating Disorder Support On The Web
Orthorexia: The Newest Eating Disorder
Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders
Orthorexia Nervosa - The Newest Eating Disorder

Emergency Preparedness (1)
Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Contraception (5)
Plan B Use Increases
Emergency Contraception Survey
Plan B Available to Teens One Way of The Other
Plan B or The Morning After Pill
Plan B Back In The News

Emotional Health (9)
Teens and Depression
Mentors Make A Difference
Parenting As Inspiration
Cutting To Relieve Emotional Pain
What Is The Motivation To Grow Up?
Giving Teens Purpose and Hope For The Future
Homelessness and Families
Emotional Health of Children in the Bay Area
The Impact Of Living With A Depressed Parent

Employment (7)
Gen Y Employees Not Engaged
Which Teens Work - If They Can Find A Job
The First Day At Work - for Teens And Parents
Labor Force Participation For Teens Is Only 41%
Finding A First Job As A Teen
Teens Who Work May Be In Danger
Teens And Work

Financial Education (4)
Families Struggle To Make Ends Meet
Vacation & Financial Education
Your Kids & Investing
Financial Fitness For Teens & Preteens

Fitness and Sports
Youth Need More Exercise
Girls Are Champions
Celebrating Girls & Women In Sports
Sports & Injuries In Teens - Stress Fractures
Girls & Sports
Sports and Injuries In Teens - ACL
Sports-Related Injuries Among High School Athletes
Reasons To Make Sports Available to Youth

Friends & Healthy Relationships

In Memory Of Larry King
Bullying Of LGBT Teens
Rainbow Project Book List
Literature For Transgender Youth
Talking To Your Kids About Homosexuality
Colage: Children of Lesbian & Gay Parents
GLBT Movies To Share With Your Teens
Gay Teens
Suicide Risk & LGBT Youth
School District Settles With Lesbian Student
No More Gay-To-Straight Therapy Or Treatment

Healthcare (17)
Defending the Healthcare Rights of Youth
HIV & Your Grandparents
One In 150 Children Has Autism
High Blood Pressure Undiagnosed in Teens
Staph Infections & School
Heart Attacks Can Occur In Teenagers
Teen Health Rights
Getting Teens Hooked Into Preventive Health Care
Breast Cancer & Teens
The Changing Face of Teen Health Care
Doctors Empowering Parents
Why Honor Confidentiality with Teens?
Young Adult Health
Environmental Support for Healthy Behavior
Public Health Begins At Home
Monday: The Day All Health Breaks Loose
Teen Health and Technology
Organ Donation & Teens

Health Facts (12)
For Goodness Sakes - Cosmetics Can Kill
FDA Warning About Products
Sleep Awareness
The Muscle Cramp
A Quart Of Mucus Every Day
Body Drama Review
Most Teens Ages 13 to 17 are Vaccinated
The Health of America's Children is Deteriorating
Staph Infections Increasingly Resistant to Drugs
Keep Your Shoes On Your Feet
Teenage Girls and Calcium

Scuba as a Hobby
Teens and Pets
Knitting & Teens

Holidays (20)
Happy Valentine's Day
Post Holiday Blues
Looking Back on 2007
Happy Thanksgiving
Gratitude & Abundance
Holiday Letters
Teens & Mothers
Coming Of Age
New Year Ritual
Blessings For The Holidays
Teen Health & Holidays
Halloween Tips From Healthline
Happy Thanksgiving 2008
Gratitude and Holidays
Happy Holidays 2008
Happy New Year 2009
Taking Stock: Remembering The Love
Happy Valentine's Day 2009
Special Occasions, Teens & Families

Happy Mothers Day 2009

Sore Eyes During Homework

Sports & Injuries: Tennis Elbow
Sports & Injuries: Osgood Schaltter
Emergency Preparedness For Teens
Unintentional Injuries
Sports-Related Injuries
Leading Causes Of Injuries

IUD (2)
IUDs For Teenagers
The Intrauterine Contraceptive (IUC)

Media (27)
Youth Trends Entertainment Results
New Media In The Everyday Lives Of Youth
Unwanted And Teen Pregnancy In The Media
Pew Report On Teens & Social Media
Provocative Campaign On Childhood Mental Illness
Web Resources For Parents, Tweens & Teens
Manhunt 2 Rating: Mature or Adults Only
Judge Blocks State Video Game Ban
Teens, Tweens & Technology
Cybering - Scary Or Safe?
It Is T.V. Turn Off Week
Are Violent Video Games Really Bad?
Sexy Girls
Violent Girls: Who Do You Believe?
Turn Off The T.V.
Media Multitasking Among Young People
Teen Hearing & Music
Teens And The World Wide Web
Reality T.V. & Teen Health
Media Literacy & Smoking
Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood
Facebook Users Are Older
Teens and Cell Phones
Facebook Tips For Parents
Facebooking As A Family
Unplugging For Summer Camp
Texting To Build Strong Relationships with Teens

Mental Health
Do You Have A Cutting Problem?
DNA And Autism Risk
Successful Health Teens Are Often Ignored
Surviving Teen Suicide Attempt
Teens & Stress
Mental Health Challenges & Resources - Older Adolescents
Emotional Well-Being
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Research
Surviving A Borderline Parent
Helping Stressed Students
Get Ready for That Feeling of Rejection & Failure
CA & College-Bound Grads
Teens & Depression
Saving Teens From Suicide
Teens And Suicide

Mentoring (2)
Mentors Make A Difference
School-Based Mentoring Programs

Movie Reviews (2)
Twilight: Movie Review
Movie Review: Beauty Mark (2008)

Sugar And A Soda Free Summer
Free Fast-Food Nutritional Details
Carbohydrate Counting; Teens Beware
Eating Rainbows
High Fructose Corn Syrup is Sugar!
Simple Nutrition Advice Not Always Beneficial
Vegetarianism and Teens
Would You Like A Bigger Butt With That?

Obesity (14)
Weight Loss Confidential
Metabolic Syndrome & Teens
Meals Matter: Dairy Council
Obesity Rising Among Asian Children
High Blood Pressure Undiagnosed In Children & Teens
Summer Vacation & Obese Teens
US Companies Promise to Limit Food Advertising
Selling Food To Children: Why Is Obesity A Problem
Are You Or Your Teen A Couch Potato?
Online Food Advertising
Health Consequences Of Soda Consumption
The Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity
Obesity - Trying to Slow the Growth
Fat Teenagers and Exercise

Online/Internet Safety (7)
Totally Wired
Family Internet Safety Site
What Puts Teens Online At Risk?
Technology & Today's Tweens And Teens
Teens, Privacy & Online Social Networks
A New Online Safety Group
Child Internet Safety

Oral Care (1)
Oral Care for Adolescents

The Importance of Family Dinners
Parenting to Prevent Sexual Risk
I Won't Grow Up 1
I Won't Grow Up 2
Great Parent Resource
Happy Mother's Day
A Parenting Book That Could Change Your Life
Unconditional Love: How Hard Can It Be?
Preeten PMS: What Is A Parent To Do?
Dear Ms. President
Post Holiday Blues?
Looking Back on 2007: Teen Health
Bring Back Home Economics!
UCAN Teen Report Card - Teens Grade Parents
Safety & Empowerment - How To Balance Risk For Teens
Preteen Summit - Food For Thought
Does My Tween Or Teen Need A Flu Shot?
In Case Of Emergency (ICE)
Parenting Teens Online Resource
A History of Manga
Tea Time With TeensTotal Momsense by Anita Renfroe
MOMfulness Book Review
Peaceful Meditation For Parents Of Teens
Board & Card Games For Family Bonding
Parenting As Inspiration
Cyber Chores
Mothers & Community
Parenting In The 21st Century & Blogs
What Every Parent Should Know About School Involvement
The Importance Of Touch And Teens
Parent-Child Connectedness
Support For Depressed Parents Of Teens
Organized Activity Participation Or Over-Scheduling - Which is Better For Youth?
At-Risk, Privileged, and Pressured
Parenting Preteens
The Line Between Enabling and Supporting
Can My Partner Spend The Night?
What Are Developmental Assets?
Taking Back Our Teens
Overparenting - Can There Be Such a Thing?
How To Improv - Parent a Teen
Momma Zen: Finding Peace and Patience
How Busy Is Busy
The Culture of Food
Finding Time To Connect With Older Teens
Loving Teens From The Inside, Out!

Menstruation Rituals

Recovery from the Election

Blue Family in a Blue State with Blue Values
Nebraska Parents Abandoning Teenagers

Book Review: The Porning of a Generation
Teens & Porn

Stigma & Teen Pregnancy
Teenage Birth Rate Increased in 2006
Six Steps to Increase Unintended Pregnancy
Reasons For Unprotected Sexual Intercourse
Contraceptive Use is Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy
Mississippi Had Highest Teen Birth Rate
Review Of The Stay Teen Web Site

Preteens (8)
Girls Guide To Becoming A Teen
The Care & Feeding Of Adolescents
Early Pubertal Development - Girls
Preteen PMS - What Is A Parent To Do?

Preteen Summit, 2008
Preteens and Depression
Sexual Risk Patterns In Junior High
Early Puberty - A Likely Culprit

Relationship Violence
Dating Violence In The News
Abusive Relationships
Internet-Based Abuse Hotline
Dating Violence 1
Dating Violence 2
What is Sexual Harassment?
Talking To Teens About Sexual Violence
Ending Teen Dating Violence
State Report Cards on Teen Dating Violence

Relationships (6)
Love is Respect
Males, Romance & Success
The ABCs of Healthy Teen Relationships
Teen Boys & Romance
When Teens Start Dating
Dating Does Not Mean Sex

Research (3)
Summary Of Health Statistics
Abstinence Only Programs
Youth Risk Behavior Survey - United States 2007

Safety (4)
Stroke - Do You Know The Warning Signs
Stranger Danger
Violence & Schools
Native American Women & Sexual Abuse

School/Education (15)
The Importance of Education
Helping Preteens With Homework
Back to School Bootcamp
Homeschooling Banned In CA?
Small Class Sizes & Health
Expanded Learning Time in School
Back-To-School Basics
Picking The Right High School
Cheating Students: Is it Rare?
The Achievement Frenzy
Grade Inflation & Teens
The High School Exit Exam Gets an "F"
How To Help Teens Handle Test Stress
Graduation and Promotion Time

Self-Injury (2)
Bodily Harm

Sexuality (19)
Freedom = Less Sex
Are Teens Having More Oral Sex?
A Global Perspective on Teen Sex Habits
What is Hooking Up?
Loose Women On Campus
Speaking Out About Adolescent Sexuality
Relationships & Sex
Good Sex = Good Communication
The Incredible Melting Condom
Motivation To Have Sex?
Religion & Teen Sexual Behavior
Is It Consensual Sex Or Rape?
Abstinence In The News
Sexuality Education Is Failing Miserably
Facts About Teen Sexual Activity
Virginity Pledges
Why Do College Students Have Unprotected Sex?

Sexuality Education (15)
Sexual Risk Reduction Information To Parents
Congress Extends Funding For Abstinence Education
Parents & Sexuality Education
Plain Talk About Adolescent Reproductive Health
The Birds, The Bees, and Me
Condom Availability In Schools
Fathers, Daughters & Virginity
Religious Declaration On Sexual Morality
Teens & Sexual Health
Teens & Sex
HIV Among US Adolescents
Abstinence-only versus Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Teens & Condoms
Take Care Down There
Reaching Adults - Teens Text About Sex

Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease
Birth Control In Middle School?
Mycoplasma Genitalium
Telling Someone They May Have An STD

Chlamydia (5)
1-in-4 Sexually Active Girls May Have An STI
US #1 In Chlamydia Cases
Condoms Prevent STD: Duh!
Chlamydia & Teens
Reproductive Health & Teens

Genital Herpes (HSV 2) And Teens

HIV (16)
HIV Infection in People Over 50
Role Of Fathers in HIV Prevention
HIV & Your Grandparents
Girl Positive
Internet & HIV Prevention
HIV & African American Teens
Hormonal Contraception & HIV
HIV Infection & Teens
Teens & HIV Vaccine Trials
Routine HIV Testing
HIV Testing in the United States, 2007
Girls, Women and HIV
Why Aren't We Worrying About HIV Anymore?
Oral Sex and HIV Risk
HIV Testing Among High School Students

New HPV Vaccine
HPV Update
HPV Vaccines For Boys?
More Q & A About HPV Vaccine
Link Between Oral Cancer & HPV
Could 1 In 4 Women Have HPV?
New Hampshire Offers Free HPV Vaccine
Adolescent Immunizations
HPV Vaccine Update
Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Sleep (6)
Women & Sleep
Sleep Awareness
Summer Slugs - Sleep & Teens
Teens Having Trouble With Sleep
Sleep In The News

Smoking (1)
ADHD, Lead & Smoking

Substance Abuse (10)
Social Norms & Teen Drinking
Teen Marijuana Use
Drugs, Brains & Behavior
Alcohol Use & School Attachment
Caffeine & Youth
Substance Abuse
Misuse Of Stimulants
Teen Smoking
Drug & Alcohol Use Leveling Off
Teens And Drugs

Suicide (2)
Youth Suicide Rates
Helping Prevent Suicide

Tanning (3)
Sun Safety
Skin Cancer & The Beautiful Tan
Summer Means Sunscreen

Tragedy (1)
Virginia Tech

Travel (8)
Summer Camp & Independence
Staycations With Teens
Planning Vacations With Teens
Traveling With Teens 1
Traveling With Teens 2
Preparing Your Teen/Preteen For Being Away From Home
International Travel and Teens
When Teens Travel Without You

TV May Hurt Attention & Learning Skills
TV Turnoff Weeks 2009
More To Love - Reality or Education?

Violence (1)
Rape Is A Reality: What College Students Need To Know

Women's Health (2)
Vaginal Discharge: What Teens Should Know
Just Say No To Brazillian Wax
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