Hair Removal and Beauty

Oh please! As parents everywhere are trying to combat the media pressure on tween and teen girls to be obsessed with their bodies - Nair is promoting hair removal as part of "growing up."

The Nair Pretty web site starts "It's not that you're obsessed or anything but maybe you've noticed that the hair on your legs (and other parts of your body) is just a little bit thicker and darker than before. Chill. You're growing up ... it's all good." The message though - is it is all good because we have the products to remove the hair - so you can be pretty - which means "picutre-perfect, silky smooth, " e.g., hairless.

Another annoying thing about the web site is that all the characters are long-legged white girls, one with very ample breasts. Then there is the page for moms - which, in their defense, does say open communication will help your daughter feel confident, although they only seem to be referring to discussing her anxiety and self-consciousness about her body.

Please parents and media - be real - encourage girls and parents to talk about pressure to focus on bodies and "sex appeal" with real options - to remove hair or not - we cannot just assume every girl wants to continuing looking pre-pubescent and "hairless." Girls have options!

Photo Credit: greggoconnell

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