Grand Rounds 6.13: Coming Together

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Welcome to Grand Rounds 6.13 and blessings from Teen Health 411 for your holidays (the bizarre ones were provided by my teenagers) which may include: Hanukkah, Solstice, Boxing Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, St. Lucia, National Date Nut Bread Day, Pumpkin Pie Day, International Children's Day, Go Caroling Day, Saturnalia, Humbug Day, Bathtub Party Day, National Noodle Ring Day, Eggnog Day, and Repeal Day (which FYI undid prohibition)!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this week's Grand Rounds, and especially to those of you who creatively stuck to the theme of "coming together." I learned so much about each of you that I really enjoyed hosting Grand Rounds.

To help readers come together and find more healthful information, I have given two links to every blogger - one to their blog and one to the post mentioned in Grand Rounds 6.13. I hope this will enable readers to come back at their leisure and continue investigating all of the bloggers highlighted.

That being said, I have included everyone (I think) and hope you enjoy sharing this Tuesday morning ritual with all of these amazing people and their incredible lives.

Let's start with the posts that bring people together.

Jolie Bookspan's post about Fast Friday Fitness at The Fitness Fixer brings us a short and easy activity that kids and parents, teachers and students, or neighbors can do together to learn new healthy fun ways to share daily life.

Diabetes Mine brings us an amazing post about the power of patients finding each other and connecting that will teach most people a thing or two about living with Diabetes.

When things come together and make life seamless, we get posts like the one from the Health Business Blog (which includes a podcast), suggesting that one way to lower barriers to routine HIV testing is to provide oral HIV testing in dental offices.

Insure Blog brings us a a post (with some great facts) about people coming together to agree on the quality of our healthcare, and the truth hurts!

Alvaro Fernandez at Sharp Brains brings us an interview with Dr. Michael Merzenich on how medicine, neuroscience and technology are coming together, with some focus on training better drivers, which we can all appreciate.

To demonstrate how every piece matters, ACP Hospitalist brings us a post about coming together as health providers to serve rural communities. Doctors are coordinating efforts to meet their communities' health care needs.

Colorado Health Insurance Insider opens our eyes about Maternity Coverage and Access to Midwifery Care, suggesting that if health care reform ends up mandating that maternity care be included on all individual health insurance policies, there is no doubt that it will lead to increased premiums, and double payments for those of us electing homebirths and already having to pay out-of-pocket for midwifery care.

And when humans and nature come together, we have music, danger, and electronic health records.

How to Cope With Pain
brings us a post from a patient about how to coordinate a pain management team comparing it to conducting an orchestra, and providing some keys to success.

We also may have need for tourniquets according to Medicine for the Outdoors. Please remember that no matter how toxic family gets, you will not likely have to be prepared to use the information in this post!

David Harlow at Healthblawg brings us a safer post about patient control over patient data in electronic health records: A work in Progress.

Bringing some things together, like babies and families, takes enormous perseverance, and our friend Kerri, who is living with Type 1 Diabetes, at Six Until Me shares a little of her pregnant reality with us in a post to her baby about taking care of her in utero.

Catherine Busch at Child Psych brings us a post about depression in pre-schoolers that reminds us all to honor the decisions parents make everyday.

There are also places that bring us together. Jacqueline and family from Laika's MedLibLog share some pictures of a wonderful holiday weekend in a medieval town to help us get into the holiday spirit with the post about Bruges, which is in Belgium, and is famous for lace.

Then, there are those moments when who loves you really matters. To help us remember, The Happy Hospitalist brings us a post about what family personality means to caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), reminding us to be kind to hospital staff and suggesting that a good New Year's resolution includes preparing advance directives!

Vitum Medicinus brings us a fourth-year peak into the sounds of a maternity ward, to prepare students for when their medical education finally comes together.

Barbara Olson at Florence dot com reminds us that we can all make mistakes, highlights the tragic results of one error, and urges compassion for a health practitioner pushed out of his circle of friends.

Doc Gurley reminds us to take care of ourselves during the holidays by monitoring our stress levels while taking care of everything required to brings our families together.

And finally, remembering to laugh, ACP Internist reminds us that as we come together for the holidays, be careful about acquiring infectious diseases from an unusual source.

Now, we each will have to say good-bye to our warm and happy Tuesday morning ritual and move into our day and closer to whichever holiday we next celebrate. Blessings to you and your family from Teen Health 411 and my family! Remember to pay attention to what matters and hug the ones you love when you come together during this holiday season.

Next week Dr. Ottematic will host Grand Rounds 6.14 and the theme is New Years Resolutions.

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