Girls are Champions

I was introduced to an interesting site for girls last week - it is called GAC (Girls are Champions). The front page says "share your tips, your stories, your inspirations ... Learn how to play harder, get focused, stay healthy, and have more fun... Join us."

Young athletes can get coaching advice, sport psychs, workout ideas, and team information. They can read stories and poems from other female athletes, learn about women in sports, and find health-related information relevant to athletes. There is even a writing and drawing contest going on now. Their motto seems to be Move! Play! Live!

Over two decades have passed since the enactment of Title IX, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in federally-funded education, including athletics. Unfortunately, women and girl athletes have yet to reach parity with men. Women are still only about one-third of interscholastic and intercollegiate athletes. In addition, women college athletes receive less than 26% of college sports' operating budgets, and less than 28% of college recruiting money (Women's Sports Foundation, 2001). . As our teens get older, fewer of them stay active, exercise or participate in sports, which will have long term health consequences. It is important for parents, schools, and organizations like this one to encourage girls to stay active and be proud of their bodies and abilities. Web resources like this are sure to help!

Photo Credit: Faeryan

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