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Oh, I wish I would quit learning about nutrition. The more I learn, the less I can eat out!

If you want to know about the nutritional information of more than 400 chain and fast-food restaurant choices and healthier alternatives at that restaurant - there is a new free website called "Wellternatives," that you should check out. You can also use your phone to get there - by sending a text message to 878787 with the word "diet" followed by the name of a chain restaurant and a menu item.

This new site launched recently by is totally easy to use and really interesting. This web site seems to have been created in reaction to the fact that consumers want nutritional information that will support making healthy choices and attempts to get laws enacted that require restaurants to provide it - keep getting stalled or vetoed by our elected officials.

To test the site, I compared hamburgers at Jack-in-the-Box, McDonalds, and Wendys, with the following results:

Jumbo Jack 598 (Calories) 51.3 (Carbs/gm) 34.6 (Fat/gm) 2.5 (Fiber/gm)
Big Mac 539 (Calories) 45.0 (Carbs/gm) 29.0 (Fat/gm) 3.0 (Fiber/gm)
Baconater 839 (Calories) 38.0 (Carbs/gm) 51.0 (Fat/gm) 1.0 (Fiber/gm)
Ultimate Cheeseburger 1011 (Calories) 52.7 (Carbs/gm) 71.4 (Fat/gm) 2.1 (Fiber/gm)

Alternatives Suggested
Hamburger Deluxe (with cheese) 462 (Calories) 33.1 (Carbs/gm) 27.8 (Fat/gm) 1.6 (Fiber/gm)
Double Cheeseburger 439 (Calories) 34.0 (Carbs/gm) 23.0 (Fat/gm) 2.0 (Fiber/gm)
Jr. Cheeseburger 319 (Calories) 34.0 (Carbs/gm) 13.0 (Fat/gm) 1.0 (Fiber/gm)
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger 428 (Calories) 30.5 (Carbs/gm) 25.4 (Fat/gm) 1.1 (Fiber/gm)

Not only is the nutritional information available at this site, but you can use something called wellphone to get all sorts of support to reach your health goals. I hope you enjoy using this amazing new resource.

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