Five Signs of Common Mental Health Conditions

Disorders like depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and bipolar disorder all have warning signs. If you are concerned about these signs in yourself or others, talk to a trusted adult and get help!

Clinical Depression
Loss of appetite
Insomnia and trouble sleeping almost every night
Unable to focus on even simple activities
Extremely low energy
Loss of interest in things you normally enjoy

Inability to follow a conversation or complete a task
Fear prevents you from doing things other people can do
Avoiding parties or social gatherings
Worry that people are looking at you or talking about you
Avoidance of public speaking

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Washing hands 20+ times a day
Count things before doing a task
Spend an excessive amount of time checking doors and locks before going to bed
Spend hours doing grooming or bathing activities
Repeat tasks to make sure they are perfect

Bipolar Disorder
Extreme mood swings or extreme irritability
Fast speech
No need for sleep
Overextended or committed to jobs they do not have skills for
Excessive behavior - casual sex, spending too much

A good first step is always to call your primary care provider
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