Celebrating Girls and Women in Sports

Pretty Tough LLC, a lifestyle brand as well as online community, has a web site full of new and vintage sports-related videos, music, products (hence the ".com"), female athlete & coach profiles, and even a book club. Everything about this site is directed at helping girls and young women excel in athletics, but stay feminine, i.e., pretty, but tough!

Teens seem especially likely to distinguish athletes from the "girly girls," creating an artificial distinction that suggest being in shape and powerful makes a young woman less feminine. Some girls are also less likely to try out for sports, assuming that they will be considered "tomboys," or less likely to appeal to potential romantic interests. Sadly, starting in middle school, sports tend to become more serious and competitive, leaving out all of the girls who may not excel in sports, but certainly need to develop lifelong exercise habits.

Along with helping teens see pretty young women as athletes, this site may help young people realize that to stay healthy, they will need to develop habits and interests as teens that will help them get exercise every day of their adult lives.

Photo Credit: faeryan

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