Book Review: Wicked Lovely & Ink Exchange

Wicked Lovely (2007) & Ink Exchange (2008), by Melissa Marr are parts of a wonderful faery story for teens and young adults.

Wicked Lovely is the start of a world torn apart by a dysfunctional family feud between the Winter Queen and the Summer King. In Aislinn's human world there are mortals and then there are faeries - powerful and dangerous, one of whom threatens her world and new love - not maliciously, but without giving up, either. Aislinn can see the faeries, just like the other women in her family, but abides by the rules - so they will never know. Finally, Aislinn makes a choice, but will she be able to live with it?

Ink Exchange follows Leslie, a teenage girl who is angry for some very good reasons, into the dark court of the faery world. Leslie tries to replace the pain in her life by reclaiming her body with a tattoo, but what she does not know is that the art she has selected will bind her to a very dark fairy, Irial. Irial is falling in love with Leslie as she is learning to make decisions that are good for her - creating quite a conflict.

Love, ancient rules, and the modern world collide in these wonderful young adult books.
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