Book Review: Prepared Parent's Operational Manual: Sending Your Child to College

OMG! Your kid is applying to college. Are you ready? Now you may be struggling to help them apply or maybe struggling to stay out of the whole process, but come April, when all the letters (good or bad) are in, the decision will be made, the check written, and then it will be very “real” that your child will be leaving the net to start the next chapter of his or her life.

There are a lot of things the student needs to do in preparation for that next step, and usually the college will send incoming students a thick package of useful information. But there is also a lot that we, as parents need to do and know before we wave goodbye at the airport or dorm. Thankfully M. Carr, and her daughters kept careful track of everything she learned the hard way as the three girls in her family went off to college, and is willing to share those thoughts with us. This book has some great tips that all parents of college-bound students will want to have – both for the getting ready phase and for reference later.

Prepared Parent's Operational Manual: Sending Your Child to College covers everything from student banking and dorm life to health insurance, class schedules and support services. There are forms, checklists and helpful tips, including not only what students can take to school but what they should leave behind. This wonderful book will help parents deal with the nitty-gritty details of sending their child off to college.

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