Book Review: Breaking Dawn

Wow, 754 pages later I have emerged from the Twilight Series and Stephenie Meyer's latest book, Breaking Dawn! I got it Sunday and have not wanted to do anything but read all week.

What a great book. This is the fourth - it follows Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse - finishing a story of passion, the meaning of family, coming of age, the supernatural, good versus evil, diversity, and love. If you have not read these four books with your teenage daughters and sons, it is not too late - there are still a few weeks of summer left - get reading! Breaking Dawn starts off with a long awaited wedding but within 138 pages the totally unexpected has happened and the rest of the book is a huge surprise!

I do not want to give away the fabulous ending, so let it suffice to say - this is a must read for summer! It will fill your spirit with a belief that anything is possible!

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