Blessings for the Holidays

I am off to practice what I preach and spend seven wonderful sun-filled days with my daughters! I will not be posting until after 1/2/07.

2006 has been an amazing year for me. Please accept my thanks for reading my blog and for your comments and great ideas. I hope that together, in 2007, we can touch the lives of teens in positive and nurturing ways - guiding them emotionally, physically, and socially toward the lives they want to lead as adults.

I encourage each of you to take a moment this holiday season and look at the teen in your life - marvel at their strength, compassion, joy, skills, and dreams. Teens are magical and deserve every bit of the support we give them - and are probably worth each of the exasperated sighs and grey hairs, too!

Blessings and wishes for health, happiness and harmony!

Photo credit: conceptvessel
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