The ABCs of Healthy Teen Relationships

There is a great new resource at We're Talking Teen Health about healthy teen relationships, called The ABCs of Healthy Relationships. This new section of We're Talking was created by Julia Ransohoff and other teens and young adults with a grant from Youth Ventures and has great information for teens, parents, and teachers who want to talk about what healthy relationships are, and what they are not.

This site, which was piloted for use in the classroom last year, includes slide shows for teachers to use in class (with notes), and content about different types of relationships, figuring out which relationships are healthy and which ones are not, resources and information about how to help a friend, and most importantly, the concept: "Run your relationships; don't let them run you."

An example of the content from the assessing your relationship section are the questions:
  • How do you act around this person compared to how you act around other people?
  • How do you feel after having been around this person?
  • How do you feel when you're around this person?

Teen relationships can be tough, and this site will give adults and teens some language that makes talking about them much easier.

Photo Credit: Simon Zirkunow

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