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Welcome to Techmedicine

Hi! I'm Enoch, and I've been an enthusiast of using technology in medicine ever since as a kid, my dad risked the workings of his allergy practice to the shenanigans of my brothers and I jerry-rigging practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software. I was smitten both with my dad's healing of his patients, as well as the crazy idea that the medieval practice of medicine could benefit from technologic automation. All along undergrad & med school at Brown University as well as Family Practice Residency at UC Davis Modesto, I explored different aspects of Medical Informatics. Fresh out of residency I took a road less traveled, joining an EMR internet startup, Medicalogic/Medscape. It was thrilling to be part of developing and marketing an EMR, participate in an IPO, only to see how difficult it is to entice physicians to change their behavior, resulting in bankrupcy and sale. Since then I've practiced Urgent Care medicine full time at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, while consulting for Epic (our EMR), Healthline, Google, MedGadget.com and Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Medical Missions Board. My interests have trended away from my primary care training towards acute care, disaster relief, and emergency preparedness. Mobile tools have been invaluable in my experiences in Katrina relief, and I'll share my passion for those with you as well.

Blogging has not only given me three years of an expressive outlet for my enthusiasm - it's also let me engage with similarly passionate people through ongoing discussions by linking to and commenting on their blogs. Seeing memes trickle throughout the medical blogosphere has given me hope that this honest & personal form of writing really makes a difference in influencing readers. I'm hoping you'll join me here in a similar fashion, letting me know if i'm all wet, or if i'm on target. I'll point you to the most promising technologies on the horizon, and current technologies that can help you now. How this is different from your favorite medical journal is that I'm interested in engaging in continuing dialogue about what I write about. I hope you are too!

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Dr. Schwimmer's blog explores the intersection of medicine, new technologies, and the Internet.