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Three Visions of the Future of Healthcare

Below are juxtaposed three visions of the future of healthcare. The first is from Microsoft, a conceptual video which echoes 2001. But the computers don't remind me of HAL. They remind me of, um, the iPhone. The video follows a pre-diabetic (presumably type 2) patient as she's out on her run, with all her physiologic data being automatically uploaded to her personal health record, which is then sent to a researcher who enrolls her in a clinical trial... For more commentary, see Dr. Bill Crounse's post on Microsoft's Health Blog. (Did you know they had a health blog?)


The second video is of Dr. Jay Parkinson -- who's in the running for medical iconclast of the year -- displaying the Myca Platform. Myca aims to be a revolutionary interface for the medical record. Here's a description from the website:
Myca is a technology platform that opens intelligent channels between patients and doctors. It supports access to a better care experience through the entire range of connections, from live video communications, video mail, chat and secure email to face-to-face office visits. It is designed to use everyday consumer technologies and be consumer-friendly.

What the Myca platform delivers:

* Video, voice and data communications across multiple platforms and channels, including mobile phones and PCs
* Practice automation through documenting and archiving of communication
* Intelligent system offers rules to validate diagnoses delivered through a compelling, easy-to-use interface
* On-line personal health records
* Secure access to each interaction for patients and doctors
* Integrated scheduling and billing
* Integration with remote monitoring devices and services
* Online prescriptions with dosage guardrails and medication interactions alerts
* Automatic medical coding for diagnostics and therapy
* Ability to add nutrition and wellness features to support preventive medicine

With a single communications and clinical information platform, Myca offers an elegant solution to the three top healthcare issues; access, high-quality medical care, and cost management.

Finally, the third video was taken at the recent EconHealth conference in New York. It features executives of many popular Health 2.0 Websites describing their vision of the future (and present) of healthcare. The Panelists include Raj Amin, CEO and co-founder, HealthiNation; Steven H. Krein, CEO and co-founder, OrganizedWisdom; Daniel Palestrant, CEO, Sermo; Dean Stephens, president & COO, Healthline. The Moderator is Michael Mason, Health Editor of the New York Times.

(Also posted on The Efficient MD.)
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