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Tech Medicine Links for 7.20.8

The emergency department entrance at Mayo Clin...Image via WikipediaFreeMD. A virtual emergency room physician. From the website:
Hi, I’m Dr. Stephen Schueler, an emergency room physician, and your virtual doctor. Type a symptom or condition into the box and a menu will appear. If you select a topic marked "Virtual Doctor" I will interview you and tell you what’s wrong. I’ll help you decide if you need to see a doctor, and why.
From the New England Journal of Medicine, Electronic Health Records in Ambulatory Care — a National Survey of Physicians:
Four percent of physicians reported having an extensive, fully functional electronic-records system, and 13% reported having a basic system. In multivariate analyses, primary care physicians and those practicing in large groups, in hospitals or medical centers, and in the western region of the United States were more likely to use electronic health records. Physicians reported positive effects of these systems on several dimensions of quality of care and high levels of satisfaction. Financial barriers were viewed as having the greatest effect on decisions about the adoption of electronic health records.
From the Technology Review, Nanosensors for Medical Monitoring:
Instead of taking daily snapshots of the patient's levels of blood proteins, the company's nanosensors should allow for continuous monitoring of changes that occur over periods of only a few hours.
The best hospitals report from US News & World Report.

Future doctors share too much on Facebook, UF researchers say

Hopkins, the series on ABC.
Nearly eight years after the critically acclaimed series, Hopkins 24/7, ABC News returns to Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital for a new six-part documentary entitled Hopkins, which delves even deeper into the world of caregivers at this hospital. Hopkins offers a rare look at the impact this high pressure profession can have on doctors' personal lives. For four months ABC News' high definition cameras had unparalleled access to this legendary hospital and to more than a hundred caregivers and patients who gave their consent to be filmed. Hopkins captures astounding scenes of medical crisis, with young doctors forced to make life and death decisions on the fly. The result is a stunningly intimate portrait of the men and women who call this hospital home.
How much is your life worth? According to the EPA, $6.9 million.

A page of iPhone Apps for physicians by Dean Giustini.

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