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Roundup of New Health and Medical Apps for the iPhone

The App Store iconImage via WikipediaThe number of applications in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch is growing rapidly, and a surprising number of them are related to health and medicine. Here's a sampling. (The links will take you directly to the applications in iTunes.)

iChart a digital medical record system designed for iPhone, has been released by CareTools.
iChart has been designed to act as an electronic “personal medical assistant” and focuses on streamlining the daily “chart, bill and fill” routine of every healthcare provider. iChart leverages the advanced capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch to warehouse patient data, and images, in addition to providing an updated list of medications, drug interactions, pharmacies, billing codes and complaint specific clinical templates. Synchronization of new information is accomplished wirelessly using secure web technology and iChart allows a single provider or entire healthcare network to automate medical data capture and effortlessly look-up patient related information using an efficiently designed “touch and tap” interface.
PointsCalc, an application for dieters, allows you to quickly estimate the number of "points" in a given food.

Quitter tracks how long you've been cigarette-free and how much you've saved by not smoking.

Glucose-charter, an application for diabetics, is a blood glucose reporting tool (as well as a "food information display").

My Life Record
is a personal health record (PHR).
One of the most powerful features of the My Life Record software are the ability to keep an official, verifiable copy of your exact medical chart within reach of your iPhone. While other personal medical applications rely on you or your doctor to enter the information into a program, My Life Record uses patent pending technology to take your exact medical record and retain it for your own use, for sharing with your doctors, for sharing with your family, or for any other purpose that a legally verifiable copy of your medical record is needed
If you have experience with any of these applications, please feel free to post a comment.
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